Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live Mesh 15.4.5722.2

Sync your folders across multiple machines and devices


  • Allows you to sync devices easily
  • Offers remote access of your PC


  • Requires a Windows Live account

Not bad

Windows Live Mesh (formerly known as FolderShare) is a Microsoft tool for creating a private peer-to-peer network that will help you to synchronize files across multiple devices, platforms and access or share files with colleagues and friends.

If there were awards for number of name changes however, then Windows Live Mesh would surely win It was formerly known by no less than 3 different names including Live Mesh, Windows Live Sync and Windows Live FolderShare. The latest incarnation of Windows Live Mesh features a much improved Mac style interface and integrates much better with OS X.

The most important advantage that Windows Live Mesh offers is the ability to send large files via email, burn them to CDs/DVDs or upload them to a website. You get a generous 5GB of free space to store and sync your data. All you have to do is sync them with Windows Live Mesh and users on both Mac and Windows and Windows mobile devices can access them.

Windows Live Mesh allows you to share and sync important information with anyone you invite but the drawback is that they must have a Windows Live account. If they've already got a Windows Live Mail account, then this is no big problem but if they don't, they'll have to go through the laborious signing up process to use Windows Live Mesh.

The Windows Live Mesh interface is extremely simple, showing you at a glance everything you need to sync devices, share information with other people and even access your files remotely. It's a much better solution than carrying them around on an external drive. However, if you want to share files to Android or iPhone devices, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Windows Live Mesh is a useful way to sync your devices and information with other users especially across platforms.

Windows Live Mesh


Windows Live Mesh 15.4.5722.2

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